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"I'm Filip, I'll tell you my dream": Childhood video emerges of mass shooter from Split

While he was dreaming, his mom woke him up and interrupted his dream, and he said he hoped he would live to see that day...

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Filip Zavadlav - suspected of killing three people in the street in Split, Croatia last Saturday, using an automatic weapon - as a child took part in the "Deca sretnik lica" ("Kids with Happy Faces") TV show that aired for years on Jabuka TV. The website Index reports that it has been confirmed it is Zavadlav who is seen in a video that is now spreading on social networks.

In one of these shows, Filip Zavadlav spoke about a dream he had.

"I'm Filip from Split, I'll tell you my dream"

Here's what Filip, who is now suspected of triple murder, said many years ago on this show:

"One day I dreamed that my friends and I went on a 4th grade school trip to Australia. I was so happy. We climbed a large skyscraper that was above the sea, it was like up here on (Mount) Marjan. We were exploring, but when we came up there, it was something to see. When we came up we saw rooms without windows. If you peeked out the window it would be as if you were at some high altitude, that you would fall into the sea. Then we all fled, but the teacher gathered us together. I was happy, but I wanted to see that height. At one point I sneaked up, and the teacher asked me: 'Filip, what are you doing'," Zavadlav said.

He then said he told the teacher he "wants to see that height."

"And she said to me: 'You can't, you'll fall in'. The teacher picked me up and I left... Then my mom brought me breakfast, I told her, 'Mom, just a moment, I'm having a nice dream...' She said I couldn't sleep any more, so I said again, 'Please'. Then she said, 'Alright then'. But by now I was already awake. I'm sorry I didn't finish the dream. I think I'll live to see that day. Thank you," Zavadlav said.

He is currently held in the Zagreb Prison Hospital and is awaiting psychiatric evaluation.



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