Teme: Croatia

Hvar introduced fines: If you get caught sleeping on a street - 400 euros, drinking alcohol - 700

A shark was spotted in shallow waters on the Croatian coast: The locals claim that this has never happened before

A teacher from Croatia, former principal, abused students: He went on sick leave as soon as he could together with his wife who is a pedagogue

A tree fell on a bus with passengers: The driver was sitting calmly and then everything shook (VIDEO)

This is the most unusual bus station in the Balkans: In the Croatian village, they made a real library from the bus station (PHOTO)

The storm caused chaos in Croatia: Rain is falling throughout the country, the streets are flooded, some areas were struck by hail (VIDEO)

Albanians disembark in Zadar! Members of the "Kosovo Army" and Albania are practicing in Croatia: "Serbia should react" (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Shocking letter of a mother from Knin: She is sick with cancer and she pleads for help, but not for herself, but for her children. "This might be the last thing I can do for them"

Eerie photos, state of emergency in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia: River levels went over 7 meters, the search for the missing boy continues (PHOTO)

Drama in Croatia: The level of rivers rising, one village completely cut off, the peak is expected today (VIDEO)

A raging river flooded houses in just 20 minutes. Water is ruthlessly breaking the suburbs on Balkans, the cyclone from Italy is a threat (VIDEO)

Storm wind ripped out roofs, traffic lights, and trees around Zagreb: Capital of Croatia woke up in the worst possible state (PHOTO)

Who are the Bosnian soldiers whose names were on the shirt of Jusuf Nurkic: They murdered Serbian civilians in the war (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Terrorizing! Croats allowed Serbian buses with tourists to cross the border after 4 hours: Morning with new crowds on the border crossing

The footage after the terrible accident where four Serbs died: The driver fell asleep and he smashed the fence. The only survivor was wearing a safety belt (VIDEO)

Terrible comments on Croatian sites about the death of 4 Serbs: "It's their fault, I am not sorry for the fools. Should we introduce Chetnik-vignette?"

Serbs went to celebrate Easter and they died in a car crash in Croatia: Three adults and a child (14) lost their lives

Another scandal in Croatia: He worked as a professor with a false diploma for 17 years, and he was celebrated by the entire state 8 years ago

British media opened fire on Croats: Vacation there is more expensive than in Turkey, Spain, or Greece, they increase prices every year

Great discovery in Istria: Pictures from the Paleolithic age discovered in Romuald's cave, over 30.0000 years old (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Chaos in Split: The young men fought in front of the nightclub, brutal footage (VIDEO)

Croatia was shaking: Strong earthquake struck Split, the sound was terrible, the cabinets were shaking, furniture fell down (PHOTO)

A movie-like chase in Croatia: Police were chasing a car with migrants, they managed to arrest two of them

Klepetan returned earlier to Malena this year: As soon as he returned they made love on the roof

Snow is causing chaos in Croatia: Four accidents on the highway in such a short time, there are appeals not to drive without the utter need (PHOTO)

Martina (35) lost her breast, and she is receiving terrible threats: "The Czechs love women with a bigger bust"

Croats watched the arrest of the bank robbers and they commented: "You piece of crap, a bullet to the head!"

Strong earthquake at the border of Hungary and Croatia: It was felt in Zagreb

Complete sensation in Croatia: They masked themselves in Kolinda from the World Championship (VIDEO)

Who is Josip Rodjak, the monster who threw four children from a terrace? He was selling stolen cars, has a bad temper, and relatives kept away from him