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Details of attempted murder in Kladovo: Woman stabbed, miraculously escapes from husband

Her condition is extremely difficult

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Dragana S., 41, who was attacked by her husband this morning in the village of Novi Sip near Kladovo, saved herself from certain death by managing to escape from her enranged husband, Blic has learned. However, the unfortunate woman sustained two stab wounds with a knife and several cuts, which is why she is now in a serious condition.

The incident happened around 4 a.m. this morning and the police were informed about it by her frantic husband, Zoran S., 44, who came to the police station and said he had stabbed his wife and that he should be arrested. Officers immediately went to the scene to find the Dragana injured, after which she was rushed to the hospital in Kladovo.

According to our information, the unfortunate woman was saved from certain death only because she somehow managed to fight off her husband and escape, but she received two horrific knife stabs during the struggle, one of which was to the chest, along with numerous cuts.

According to unofficial information, her condition is extremely difficult. Zoran, meanwhile, has been detained for up to 48 hours.

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