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Grandma who shot dead real estate developer misses court date: "I'm poorly, I can't even stand up"

"I'm very sick, I take a lot of medication," she barely answered Telegraf's questions

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Today's preliminary hearing ahead of the trial of Stojanka "Coka" Stojanovic, 72 - a resident of Belgrade's Zvezdara municipality charged with the September 2018 murder of investor Zoran Trifunovic, 59 - was postponed today because the accused did not show up in court.

Grandma Coka, as she is known, told Telegraf.rs that she is currently in very poor health.

"I feel poorly, I'm very sick. I can't stand up, I can't walk, I take a lot of medication. I'm at the doctor's all the time," she was barely able to give her answers during our conversation.

As she explained to us, she is "at home, lying down all the time, being looked after by her son Marko." Barely able to speak, she told us that she "doesn't know who informed the court that she is very ill."

The next hearing will be scheduled later. Stojanovic has been under house arrest since last August.

The indictment charges her with the criminal offense of murder that carries with it a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

The murder took place in Kralja Alekandra Boulevard in Zvezdara on September 2, 2018, and was recorded by security cameras.

The media reported at the time that several proceedings had been launched against Trifunovic for forgery of documents, construction without a building permit, as well as coercion and extortion - but that he was never convicted.

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