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Victor returns to his throne: Watch the symbol of Belgrade return to its place after 4 months

Gornji Grad ("Upper Town") of the Belgrade Fortress will be closed to visitors from 6 am to 1 pm

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After many months, the Victor (Pobednik) Monument once again gracefully rises from its old site on Kalemegdan, and the process of installing the statute which began at 11 am., should be completed today by 1 pm.

For this reason, Gornji Grad of the Belgrade Fortress is closed to visitors from 6 am to 1 pm.

The symbol of Belgrade will be fully accessible to citizens in 15 days.

Goran Vesic, Pobednik

Photo: Tanjug/Rade Prelic

The bronze sculpture was removed from the pedestal on October 10 last year and taken to Smederevo, to the studio of sculptor Zoran Kuzmanovic where restoration work was carried out. In the meantime, works have been completed on static rehabilitation of the monument's foundations and the conservation and restoration on the pillar and the plinth.

The Victor was erected in 1928 in Gornji Grad of the Belgrade Fortress to mark the 10th anniversary of the breakthrough of the Macedonian Front.

Yesterday in Gornji Grad, in the immediate vicinity of the pedestal, citizens and visitors of the Serbian capital had a chance to see the sculpture.

Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic said that thousands of people saw the reconstructed Victor monument yesterday when it was exhibited at the Belgrade Fortress.

Podizanje pobednika

Photo: Facebook/Goran.Vesic.zvanicna.stranica

"Thousands, maybe some ten thousand people came to see the Victor yesterday, and I don't think that the connection between the Victor and Belgraders was ever as evident as yesterday, when they came to take pictures with the symbol of the Serbian capital," Vesic told TV Pink.

Video: Those who live are victors, rest in peace those who died: Belgraders react to the return of the Victor


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