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Vucic reveals whether parliamentary elections in Serbia could be canceled due to coronavirus

Serbian President announces visit to China starting on April 15, and he doesn't plan to change anything in his foreign policy agenda

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced today he will not change his foreign policy agenda because of coronavirus, and that he is not considering canceling official visits to countries where the virus has appeared.

"Imagine me, with so many important problems Serbia is facing, calling Angela Merkel and saying that I will not come to a meeting because I'm scared of a virus. No, nothing changes about that. I will also go to China between April 15 and 18, unless they postpone the Belt and Road - in that case I will not participate in the finish of that campaign, but we will not be making any changes," said the president of Serbia.

Asked by reporters if big gatherings will be canceled our country, noting the upcoming parliamentary elections, the president said that this is not under consideration, because there is no danger.

He said sporting events will not be canceled either.

"We will not cancel Red Star's and Partizan's EuroLeague matches, a small number of people come to those from abroad and that's easy to control, we spoke about that. People are free to go to stadiums and arenas, live their lives as usual. The only thing we will discuss and announce later is whether the Belgrade Marathon may be postponed due to the possible arrival of a large number of citizens from abroad," the president of Serbia said at a news conference he held with representatives of all health and other institutions participating in the fight against coronavirus.


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