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Sackings in Pristina over coronavirus: Kurti dismisses minister for backing state of emergency

Veliu was dismissed because he opposed Kurti's stance against the introduction of a state of emergency

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Aljbin Kurti

Photo: Profimedia

Prime Minister of Provisional Pristina Institutions Albin Kurti yesterday dismissed Interior Minister Agim Veliu, who comes from the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), a member of the ruling coalition.

Veliu was sacked for objecting to Kurti's stand against the introduction of a state of emergency, which is something sought by Hashim Thaci, the president of provisional Pristina institutions.

In a statement about the dismissal, Kurti said that the minister was spreading panic, claiming that the number of people suffering from coronavirus in the Kosovo territory was increasing hour by hour, which no competent institution has confirmed.

However, according to the Pristina-based Lajmi portal, Veliu was actually against Kurti's opposition to the introduction of a state of emergency. Namely, Veliu said that a decision on the state of emergency should be made despite the opposition from the prime minister and his Self-Determination Movement.

He also said that he personally advocates in favor of introducing a state of emergency to protect human health, and that making such a decision is not a matter for the prime minister or the president.

"It's not time to for whims and thinking about whose opinion will be respected, because we are all in the service of Kosovo. Yes, it is necessary to declare a state of emergency," Veliu said.


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