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This is what Belgrade Fair looks like, where beds are prepared for 3,000 mildest coronavirus cases

Triage is a well-known term and method in medicine and basically refers to classification of patients according to the urgency of the clinical picture

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic yesterday announced a new measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. This is the so-called triage of patients that in China proved to be the fastest way to stop the spread of the epidemic.

In that regard, he said that 3,000 beds would be prepared for patients with mildest symptoms, because it is necessary not to mix them with other patients. He announced the installation of beds in the fair's halls, which, he said, are easy to get in and out of.

"We will give the most severe patients a place at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, at the Pulmonology, at the Dragisa Misovic hospital, which now have 106 newly installed ventilators, then at the Zemun Hospital and the VMA," said Vucic.

And today, footage showing beds installed at the Belgrade Fair appeared on social networks.

The triage of patients, and the complete isolation of persons diagnosed with coronavirus from healthy individuals, is aimed at breaking the ever-growing curve of patients with this disease.

What is triage?

Triage is a well-known term and method in medicine and basically refers to classification of patients according to the urgency of the clinical picture. The primary purpose of triage is to categorize patients by urgency, and the basic principle is to use limited resources so that as many people as possible benefit from them.

Triage categorization enables and ensures proper and timely assessment of all patients. In doing so, triage categories actually determine the order of treatment in order to minimize the possibility of incidents.

In the case of coronavirus, this means that the classification of patients by urgency will be done by the severity of the clinical picture they present. It's known that in Italy patients with coronavirus strained hospital resources while doctors are being put in a difficult position to make decisions about who will receive life-saving therapy.

Field hospitals in New York and Seattle, too

Hospitals like this will soon start accepting citizens of New York and Seattle, as the spread of coronavirus has taken off in the US as well.

In the next 72 hours or less, New York and Seattle should expect the military to arrive in their cities and begin setting up field hospitals, Gen. Mark Milley said on Monday, CNN reports. Each of these "hospitals" has 248 beds, 48 ​​of which are in intensive care units, along with 11 ventilators.


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