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Dr. Kon comments on Dr. Nestorovic saying we should now sunbathe as much as possible

In his optimistic manner, Nestorovic stressed that we should sunbathe as much as possible now

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At today's press conference, Dr. Predrag Kon was asked to comment on a statement made by Dr. Branimir Nestorovic, who said, in his optimistic manner, that the epidemic of coronavirus in Serbia is "over" and that we should "sunbathe as much as possible."

"There is nothing special to say. You should be careful, because excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays can be harmful."

As Kon said, that is something that is otherwise recommended, but we should beware of excessive sunbathing.

After a previous statement made by Professor Doctor Branimir Nestorovic that we should all "intentionally infect ourselves with coronavirus" in order to gain collective immunity, Dr. Predrag Kon pointed out that no epidemiologist wold advise such a thing, and that professionals making such statements represents a potentially dangerous thing.

Video: Dr. Kon: There should be no deaths in June


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