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Doctor: Virus is weak, we can no longer be locked down at home, now we need to get out in the sun

Pulmonologist Dr. Branimir Nestorovic says that the virus is weak and that ultraviolet radiation is deadly for coronavirus

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Nestorović, Koroan Virus

Photo Tanjug/Dragan Kujundzic,, Pixabay

Speaking about the Covid-19 disease, pulmonologist Dr. Branimir Nestorovic says that coronavirus pandemic is not over for at-risk groups - but also that protective gear should no longer be worn outdoors.

"Last week, a group from Arizona announced that the virus was losing its strength. The following day, another group announced that the virus is intensifying. How is that possible and what to believe? I decided to go with the opinion of a German and his model back from March 5, and he proved to be reliable. For those who are not at risk, the pandemic is over. As for the elderly, they could take care for a while longer, until the end of May, for example. Masks can be work indoors, not when they're outdoors. If they taking a walk on their own there is absolutely no (need for) masks and gloves, ultraviolet rays are deadly for this virus," the pulmonologist told RTV Pancevo.

He added that the pandemic is over and that it was time to turn to life.


Photo: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundzic

"We can no longer wait and sit locked down, there is a 0.01 percent chance of getting sick. The virus is weak," said Nestorovic.

According to him, coronavirus has shown how much human health has collapsed and all the weaknesses of the health systems in the West.

"We managed to protect the elderly and the health system because we had the equipment given to us by the Chinese. Every death is terrible, but we fared well. It was important to tighten everything for two months and now we can return to normal life, to regain everything we have lost," Nestorovic added.

He assessed that former communist countries did better in the crisis caused by the deadly virus.

"When you regulate healthcare to be profitable, when it's important that it makes money, you're not interested in an insignificant patient. The money comes from transplants. They have forgotten about primary healthcare. Tertiary healthcare is important because it brings money to Western countries," he explained.

As he says, coronavirus can be treated with light, so it is important to sunbathe.

Meanwhile, he says a vaccine against Covid-19 will be hardly be made.

"Trump said everything well, the virus will disappear and he will not need a vaccine. It's not possible to make a vaccine for a virus that is changing," Nestorovic explained.

He urged citizens to this year spend their summer vaccations in Serbia.

"It's not a big deal not to go to the seaside," said Nestorovic.

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