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Pristina bans Serbian doctors and nurses from entering Kosovo and Metohija

Marko Djuric also stated that he expects a reaction from the international community, Miroslav Lajcak and Richard Grenell, because of this ban

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Policija, Jarinje, FK Crvena zvezda

Photo: Telegraf

Pristina authorities have prevented 20 Serbian doctors and nurses from entering Kosovo and Metohija, the director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Marko Djuric, announced today and pointed out that this was a "first-rate scandal" which saw Pristina reach "a new low in human and political terms."

Djuric specified that the doctors and nurses were stopped yesterday at the administrative crossing of Merdare, although the liaison officer had already announced their arrival.

Djuric also said that he expects a reaction from the international community, Miroslav Lajcak and Richard Grenell, because of this ban.

"With this, Pristina has hit new rock bottom and in both the political and human sense, thus preventing the normal functioning of the Clinical-Hospital Center in Gracanica and other institutions," Djuric told Tanjug.

He stated that these are doctors and nurses, who already live and work between Central Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija, that is, they are all from Kosovo and Metohija, and have been working in those health institutions for decades.

Djuric also said that this represents a violation of numerous international norms and obligations arising from various agreements, and is a direct threat to the health and safety of Serbs in Kosovo.

"This is the result of the political climate created by the leaders of Albanian parties in Pristina, and the direct reason is that Kadri Veseli's statements frightened them in Pristina the day before, when he in a cynical and sinister manner falsely spoke about how new doctors are coming from Serbia to Kosovo and Metohija. As if that should be a problem, even if new ones were coming," said Djuric.

Mirko Đurić


According to Djuric, the Pristina authorities then, apparently in a state of panic, afraid of this terrorist leader, decided to prevent Serbian medics from entering.

Djuric said that Belgrade would continue the campaign all over the world with even more zeal and passion to spread the truth about Kosovo as a fake, terrorist creation.

Djuric also stated that this was "a first-rate scandal" and if it happened to medics of another nationality, it would be headline news around the world - but the way things stand, there is a risk that it will go unnoticed.

"My message to Pristina is, just continue with this practice and you will be able to join any international organization and achieve any of your political goals - never. We will continue to behave completely opposite to them, when it comes to medical and cooperation on humanitarian issues," said Djuric.

He added that he expects medical chambers and medical associations to react, because their colleagues are being prevented from doing their job.

He also stated that existing capacities can provide care for patients in Kosovo and Metohija.


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