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In Serbia, 2 more people die of coronavirus, 224 in total: In the last 24 hours, 79 new cases

This is the latest cross-section of the situation

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Kretanje broja umrlih od korona virusa, crveni grafikon

A graph showing the coronavirus death toll in Serbia from March 20 until May 14; Illustration: Nikola Jovanovic

In Serbia, two more people have died of coronavirus, which increased the total number of victims to 224. COVID-19 has been confirmed in another 79 people.

Including today's data, coronavirus has been confirmed in 10,374 people in our country.

Since the last report, samples of 6,194 people have been tested.

To date, a total of 162,797 people have been tested.

4,084 patients have been cured, while 949 patients suffering from COVID-19 are currently hospitalized.

Kretanje broja obolelih od korona virusa, grafikon

A graph showing the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Serbia since March 6 until May 14; Illustration: Nikola Jovanovic

There are 20 patients on venitaltors.

The estimated mortality rate is 2.15 percent.

You can follow the data about coronavirus from all over the world on this page (in Serbian): https://www.telegraf.rs/covid-19

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