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Pozarevac ambulance making sure nobody comes in: To top it off, they display the biohazard symbol

There are huge yellow and red stickers at the entrance with warnings reading, "Covid-19 ambulance, do not enter!"

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Kovid ambulanta

Photo: Ljubica Milivojevic

Healthcare centers and hospitals are trying to strictly separate Covid-19 patients from others, to prevent accidental contact and spread of the infection. That's because each accidental entry of an uninfected person among those suffering from coronavirus can bring new trouble.

The Pozarevac ambulance did its best not to let that happen. And, they really made an effort. The entrance looks like it might scare off from stepping inside even those who are acually infected, and those who have developed antibodies, who wear visors, masks, gloves, carry a bottle of disenfectant...

There are huge yellow and red stickers at the entrance with warnings: "Covid-19 ambulance, do not entrance (enter)!" in Serbian and English, showing also the biohazard symbol and visual renderings of the virus as a clear sign of danger.

So, if you have a toothache or must see your doctor for some other reason, bypass this entrance to the Pozarevac Healthcare Center.


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