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Doctor: We've acquired collective immunity, coronavirus will be a type of flu next year

The doctor assessed that we are now in the calm phase of the epidemic

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Dr Danica Grujičić

Printscreen: RTS

Coronavirus virus is waning, there are fewer and fewer patients on ventilators, which shows that collective immunity has been achieved, while the state health system has passed the test, the director of the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, Danica Grujicic, has said.

Speaking for TV Prva she pointed out that according to some estimates, Covid-19 will be one of the types of flu next year, assessing that we are now in the calm phase of the epidemic.

She added that the number of tested citizens in Serbia is higher than those in the surrounding countries, pointing out that such a number goes in favor of epidemiological statistics in our country.

"I think that the state health system has passed the test. When it comes to oncology patients, this Ministry of Health has done a lot to equip us, not only with facilities but also with devices," stated Grujicic.

Asked whether professionals have now given priority to the economy, given that "borders are opening too early and we may have imported cases of coronavirus" - Grujicic said that it is possible that professionals wanted to look at the economic aspect at this time, but noted that we are safe.

Dr. Grujicic claims that we have acquired collective immunity.

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