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Doctor Jankovic warns: Restrictive measures considered because of threat of coronavirus flaring up

Hotspots have flared up in Belgrade

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Photo: Tanjug/Serbian government/Slobodan Miljevic

Member of the Crisis HQ, immunologist Srdja Jankovic, warned today that there is again a threat of a flare-up of the coronavirus epidemic in Serbia and that restrictive measures will be considered to prevent that.

In an interview with N1 TV, Jankovic said that at this moment he would rule out taking extreme measures, such as introducing a curfew, because that would not be useful at this stage.

"As the epidemic waned, there was a certain easing of measures and now, with a new threat, we need to think," he said.

According to him, the virus no longer has such a high lethality, but its potential of infection exceeds a large number of other viruses.

Jankovic said that the recommendations have been very clear so far and that it has been pointed out that, after the state of emergency has been lifted, it is still necessary to wear protective masks and maintain physical distance.

"What is happening suggest that the measures will have to be underlined and strengthened," he said.

Speaking about election day, Jankovic said that Serbia has returned to many everyday activities and that elections were one of them, but that the recommendations for preventing the spread of the virus, which were in force all the time, were valid at the polling stations as well.

He added that the epidemic has weakened, but that there have been outbreaks in local hotspots, specifically in Belgrade.

The epidemiologist added that this is not something that cannot be taken care of with a timely reaction, and that the essence of everything is still social distancing and wearing of masks, which does not represent absolute protection but can greatly prevent the transmission of this virus.

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