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We feared a repeat of April 14, but it's even worse today: New coronavirus record in Serbia

Until today, the highest death toll in a single day was on April 14, when 9 people succumbed to coronavirus

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Photo: Tanjug/AP

Over the last 24 hours coronavirus took as many as 11 lives in Serbia, which broke the previous record number of deaths from COVID 19 in one day. The total number of deaths is now 298, and the mortality rate is 1.92 percent.

We had the largest number of deaths so far on April 14, when in the space of 24 hours, 9 people died from the consequences of Covid-19.

Among those deceased who entered today's statistics are people from Novi Pazar, Nis, Vranje...

As the coordinator of the hospital in Novi Pazar, Mirsad Djerlek, announced this morning, by 10 o'clock and over the previous 24 hours, five more people died in that institution.

Three people died in 24 hours in the Clinical Center Nis and one in Vranje, it was announced today during a news conference in Nis.

Five patients there are in an extremely difficult general condition and are on ventilators Also, ten children have been hospitalized, one of whom tested positive for Covid-19 but all are in good condition.

"The clinical picture of the sick children is milder and they are stable, not in life danger," said assistant general director of the Clinical Center Nis, Goran Stanojevic.

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