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Police again checking if infected people respect self-isolation: "We'll have to bring back fines"

Infected patients who are treated at home and who do not respect the self-isolation measure are a big problem, according to epidemiologists

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Photo: Tanjug/Andrija Vukelic

The police, in cooperation with the sanitary inspection, will be checking whether infected patients without symptoms, who are treated at home, respect the measure of self-isolation, says Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar.

"We will have to return to everything we did before, and that is checking by phone and fines," said Loncar.

Infected people who do not have any symptoms of coronvirus are sent home where they are expected to self-isolate.

Epidemiologist Radovan Cekanac pointed out that infected people who are treated at home and who do not respect the self-isolation measure, but are instead leaving the house and walking around the city because they don't have any symptoms, represent a big problem.

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