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"Belgrade's healthcare system is at breaking point, coronavirus has exploded"

The prime minister says that a new Covid hospital will be set up in Belgrade as soon as possible

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As Prime Minister Ana Brnabic announced after a meeting of the Crisis HQ, due to the sudden increase in the number of patients who are positive for coronavirus, the healthcare system in Belgrade is now at a breaking point.

"The healthcare system in Belgrade is about to be overwhelmed and that is why I cannot understand the behavior of people who were in the streets last night and the night before. We had 118 people on ventilators at this time yesterday. Is that the time to be fihgting in the streets and having violent protests, to be having anti-vaxxers in the streets," the prime minister asked.

"There will be time for that, let's first defeat coronavirus, let's get to where we were in May, then we will protest. What's that all about? We will pay a high price for these things, without a doubt."

As Brnabic said, the number of new cases is better today than yesterday.

"That is always encouraging, but we have seen the numbers go up and down. But I know that today is much better than yesterday, however, there is nothing good about it. I am not running away from the responsibility, but that is the situation all over the world, it has exploded. The number is three times higher in the world today than in early May."

The prime minister said that a Covid hospital will be set up in Belgrade as soon as possible.

"I will personally deal with it, I hope that in about 10 days we will start, also, another 'Vatreno Oko' ('Fire Eye') lab is opening in Nis. All Covid hospitals in Belgrade are currently accepting patients according to available capacities," said Brnabic.

Three new measures for Belgrade

The crisis HQ set up to combat coronavirus met today at noon to consider introducing stricter measures in order to curb the spread of the disease. PM Ana Brnabic said after the session that the HQ brought three measures applying to Belgrade.

The first is a complete ban on organized public gatherings of more than 10 people in open and in closed spaces.

Another is to limit the number of people allowed indoors at one time.

"Every hospitality industry facility, but also stores and pharmacies will have to clearly indicate how many people can be there, four square meters must be provided per person," stated Brnabic.

As she pointed out, the third measure is to limit their opening hours.

"Starting tomorrow and going forward, closed spaces will not be open between 9 pm and 6 am. This applies not only to hospitality facilities, but also to stores, shopping, malls and all other indoor facilities. Everything will be closed (during that time)," stressed the prime minister.

As for open spaces and gardens, their opening hours will remain from 6 am until 11 pm.

"These are measures applying to Belgrade and we will see how we will proceed, we will change them if necessary in accordance with the numbers," Brnabic stressed.

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