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Serbian Assembly has member under hijab for the first time in history: Who is Dr. Misala Pramenkovic

In a recent statement, the MP said that she would primarily advocate for women's rights, children and status of the family

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Misala Pramenkovic

Printskrin: Youtube/SANA PRESS

For the first time, the Assembly of Serbia has a deputy under the hijab. She is Dr. Misala Pramenkovic who entered the parliament on the list of the Party of Justice and Reconciliation led by Muamer Zukorlic.

Professor Dr. Misala Pramenkovic was born in 1980, and works as a professor of Islamic sciences at the Madrasa "Gazi Isa-beg" (in Novi Pazar, southwestern Serbia). She is the vice president of the Party of Justice and Reconciliation, and yesterday officially became a member of the Serbian Assembly as the third name on the election list of that party.

Since May 2016, she has been a councilor in the assembly of the city of Novi Pazar.

In the first statement since entering the Assembly, she said that she expects from her mandate to justify with her actions and commitment the trust shown to her.

Women's rights, children, status of family

"We will continue what our deputies started in the previous mandate, we are a party of continuity, but I will especially stand for the rights of women, children, the status of the family," she told B92.net.

Pramenkovic added that there should have been a female Bosniak (Muslim) MP in the Serbian Parliament before.

"But it's also important that I'm not the only one," she concluded.

In her earlier statements, she stressed the protection and affirmation of the family, the woman and the child as her focus of her political activity.

"The family is the basic, fundamental cell of society, on whose quality depends the quality and future of the community itself. The woman is the pillar of the family and, in the sacred role of the mother, but also in other family and social roles, it is a factor on whose moral and mental quality the quality of the community also depends. That is why in the SPP we are committed to a dignified life for both men and women. Unfortunately, the fact is that some problems, pressures and abuses are felt more by women than men. Women as well as men have the obligation, but also the right to raise society, promote the good and all universal values. On the other hand, to avoid and divert from everything that is bad, each in accordance with their potentials, possibilities, position," she said on one occasion.

The president of the party she comes from, Muamer Zukorlic, previously stated that "Pramenkovic is a respectable professor and mother of four children," as well as that she is "an example of a woman who managed to reconcile her family and career and be politically active."

"That will be refreshing and enriching for the parliament of Serbia as well," Zukorlic assessed.

Video: Deputies sworn in, Assembly formed


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