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Shots echoed through Zenica again: Second night of shooting in Bosnian town, there are casualties

Shooting has occurred in Zenica streets for two nights in a row

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Bosanska federalna policija, Bosna, Sarajevo

Photo: Marko Jovanovic

In the Zenica settlement of Babina Rijeka, in Prve Zenicke Brigde Street, in front of the city swimming pools, shooting occurred last night that left one person wounded.

According to Avaz, there was a burst of gunfire, and several people took part in the shooting. The firefight took place at around 11:30 pm, and at least 20 bullets were fired.

"On that occasion, one person, whose initials are H.C., was shot in the leg," said the on duty officer of the local canton's Ministry of the Interior.

The wounded man was transported by an ambulance, while six people were detained in a police operation.

"The police arrested six people in connection to the use of firearms. Among those arrested, two people suffered minor bodily injuries," said a spokesperson of the Ministry of the Interior, Aldina Alic.

According to Avaz, among those arrested is the wounded person, H.C. while the police confiscated a BMW immediately after the shooting.

Previously, on Sunday night, an unknown perpetrator or several of them shot at Jasmin Husagic (32) at a sports field in Zenica. Several bullets were fired at him and he died shortly after being admitted to the hospital.

According to the testimony of eyewitnesses of this confrontation, six bullets were allegedly fired at Husagic. An eyewitness to the shooting told Avaz that three bullets were fired, then screams were heard, and then three more shots followed.

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