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Thaci ahead of new Belgrade-Pristina round in Brussels: "No one has the right to negotiate on ZSO"

Talks are expected to continue at expert level on Thursday

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Hašim Tači

Photo: Profimedia/AFP

The president of the provisional institutions of Pristina, Hashim Thaci, says that any reopening of the issue of the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO) in Brussels would be a "step back" for Pristina and pointed out that no one has the right to even negotiate, especially not to reach a new agreement.

"Reopening the issue of the Community in Brussels represents a stalemate for Kosovo. It is a blow to the statehood of Kosovo and a violation of sovereignty, there is a danger of creating a 'Serb Republic' in Kosovo," Thaci said on Tuesday, after a ceremony in Pristina on the occasion of the Jewish New Year.

He also said that initiating topics such as ZSO, property or others, is "Serbia's agenda" aimed at directing the process towards, as he said, "complete disintegration and the tendency to weaken the state of Kosovo."

"I believe that if economic normalization is achieved in Washington, mutual recognition can only be achieved at the White House. Any agenda, whether it is an association, or property or other issues, which have been discussed two or three times, for me it is a step back for Kosovo," Thaci believes, Kosovo Online is reporting.

He also said that the issue of the ZSO was resolved in the agreement from 2013, as well as that the Constitutional Court also gave an opinion on that, and that the meeting on Thursday will be "dangerous for the state of Kosovo, and is Serbia's agenda."

Thaci added that the Kosovo parliament "must be very careful" and that no one has the right "to negotiate, let alone reach a new agreement about the Community."

He also stated that work would be done on finalizing the agreement that was formalized in Washington.

The topic of forming the Community of Serb Municipalities was raised again last week as part of a new round of dialogue in Brussels.

Talks are expected to continue at expert level on Thursday.


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