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Gun in a sock, drugs in bags: 8 fall in police raids in Belgrade, suspects arrested half naked

Raids were carried out in Belgrade municipalities of Obrenovac, Zemun, Vracar, and Zvezdara

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Video: Police arrest 8 for drug trafficking and possession of weapons

Members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Belgrade, in several separate actions, seized about 8 kilograms of marijuana and more than half a kilogram of heroin and arrested N.Z. (32), I.S. (24), A.C. (31), A.D. (28), U.DJ. (20), D.S. (25) and A.G. (20) on suspicion that they committed the criminal offense of unauthorized production and distribution of narcotics, as well as A.Z. (25) who is suspected of unauthorized possession of narcotics.

Police officers found about 530 grams of heroin during a search of a Ford Focus car that N.Z. and I.S. were in at the time, while a small amount of this drug was found in the Obrenovac apartment of the suspect N.Z.

In addition, by searching an apartment in Obrenovac where I.S lives, the police found about 200 grams of marijuana and a small amount of cocaine.

In the second action, the police searched an Alfa Romeo car belonging to the suspect A.C. and seized about five kilograms of marijuana, while they found two bags of this drug as well as a pistol with 57 pieces of ammunition in the apartment in Zemun where he was staying unregistered. He is also charged with committing the crime of illicit production, possession, carrying and trafficking of weapons and explosives.

The police searched another apartment in Zemun were A.C. was staying, also unregistered, along with A.D., to find about 200 grams of marijuana.

In the third action, the police searched U.DJ.'s apartment in Vracar to find a bag containing about 2.4 kilograms of marijuana, while there were also 38 packets of this drug in the yard, that the suspect had previously thrown out the window.

In the fourth action, the police seized about 173 grams of marijuana, as well as a small amount of cocaine and MDMA, in an apartment in Zvezdara where the suspects D.S. and A.G. were staying.

On that occasion, police officers found three packets with a small amount of marijuana in the possession of A.Z., which, it is suspected, he had previously bought from D.S., one of the suspects.

The suspects, along with criminal complaints, were brought before the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade.


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