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Scenes in front of cave near Zajecar where human bones were found: Mountaineer reveals what he saw

It is also assumed that this is linked to a cult ritual

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Zaječar, pećina, ljudski ostaci

Photo: Youtube Prinstcreen/ Zamediatelevizija/ Jovan Cvetkovic

Several human skulls and bones were found in a cave near the village of Prlite, close to Zajecar. What's especially intriguing is that these human remains were placed on sticks. The Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Zajecar is investigating whether this was somebody's bad joke, or the result of a mystic ritual, where the bones came from, and how old they are, Zamedia is reporting.

The scene was discovered on September 13 by mountaineers, including Jovan Cvetkovic. A day later, a team of forensic experts arrived at the site.

"We came across bones at the entrance to the cave, which were attached to some wood. Walking through nature, we often come across some bones, I didn't even pay attention at first, until I realized that what I was looking at was a skull. A human, round skull," Cvetkovic told Zamedia, adding that he noticed several vertebrae on a pile of bones.

He also said that it was a bizarre, but also an interesting sight for him.

"Because the skull and some pelvic bones were attached to a stick that was stuck into the ground. Someone was either having fun or performing some rituals, it would be nice to find out which," he said.

As we have already reported, experts believe that this is the result of a cult ritual that is associated with necromancy, "the raising of people from the dead."

According to information from the local police, which the mayor of Zajecar shared with the public, the bones are more than a hundred years old.

It is also believed that these are the remains of at least two people.


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