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Colombian Sonia publishes video with Strahinja, liquidated earlier in a car explosion in Belgrade

At the moment of his liquidation, Suarez was in the SUV together with late Strahinja

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Sonia Suarez Gonzalez (45), who was in the SUV with her boyfriend Strahinja Stojanovic at the time an explosive device was set off under the car, took to Instagram once again and posted a video of them together.

In the video, Sonia is lying behind Strahinja while enjoying the seaside together. The beautiful Colombian also dedicated the song "I Love You Baby" to him.

Five days have passed since Stojanovic's death, and Sonja was questioned yesterday.

A bomb was placed under the car, which blew up both of Stojanovic's legs. He passed away from these injuries the same day.

At the moment of his liquidation, Suarez was in the jeep together with late Strahinja. For that reason, she has been prohibited from leaving the country.

Suarez testified at the prosecutor's office, where she came accompanied by a lawyer and Stojanovic's mother, who had not been summoned or questioned.

According to the daily Blic, she said that Strahinja and she met last year in Spain and that they started a relationship then, spending their time traveling, visiting restaurants and gyms, as well as that they had been to Usce in Belgrade on the fateful day to watch a car race.

It is suspected that Stojanovic was killed by a hitman who came from Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the speculated motive is revenge for his involvement in the death of well known Belgrade lawyer Miso Ognjanovic, who was the defense attorney of Luka Bojovic, the leader of the Zemun Clan.


Video: Wreckage burns in the street, one of the victims screams toward the police: Video taken immediately after the SUV explosion


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