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Drecun: Pristina wants to play us, their tactic is two-fold


Milovan Drecun spoke for the Morning Program about yesterday's (Thursday's) talks in Brussels and pointed out that Pristina does not want to talk about the ZSO

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Milovan Drecun, predsednik skupštinskog Odbora za KiM

Photo: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundzic

The chairman of the Serbian Assembly Committee on Kosovo and Metohija, Milovan Drecun, told RTS that Pristina wants to play Belgrade in the negotiations and to impose a position according to which only "mutual recognition" can be discussed.

Milovan Drecun spoke for the Morning Program about yesterday's talks in Brussels and pointed out that Pristina does not want to talk about the ZSO (Community of Serb Municipalities in Kosovo).

He also believes that the EU Special Representative Miroslav Lajcak is giving in under pressure from Pristina, and is trying to go along some other path, that will not lead to reaching an agreement.

In the preparation of the talks between Belgrade and Pristina, as Drecun recalled, the agreement was always to go along two tracks - to discuss what has been agreed but not realized to date, primarily regarding the ZSO - and to discuss economic cooperation, the issue of missing and displaced persons.

Drecun says that Pristina wants to push the ZSO aside, to reach a so-called agreement on those three issues, and declare that the comprehensive agreement on normalization had been reached, and that then, and only mutual recognition should be discussed.

"The Serbian delegation made a good move to prevent that political game and said - an agreement on the ZSO must be reached there and we must agree precisely on when the Community will be formed, otherwise there will be no progress," he pointed out.

He recalled that after the first Brussels Agreement, another one was reached regarding the Community of Serb Municipalities, which defined the details of what the framework, goals and its organizational structure would look like.

Also, its special legal nature has been envisaged, and that the Kosovo government would adopt a directly applicable decree and would not discuss this in the constitutional court, but that the government would pass a decree which would introduce the ZSO into the legal order.

"Pristina's tactics go in two directions"

Drecun now explained that Pristina's tactics are two-fold.

"It is one thing to say that it's not in accordance with the constitution, even though they accepted the agreement. On the other hand, Thaci draws a parallel with the Serb Republic in this story. The Community of Serb Municipalities is not intended to be another Serb Republic, but instead a missing mechanism for the survival of the Serb people, and its development," said Drecun.

He points out that this community would not be needed at all, if Serbs (in Kosovo and Metohija) were already citizens equal to Albanians.

It's strange that Lajcak accepts Pristina's game, Drecun pointed out, and added that Lajcak is an exponent of German politics.

"Pristina wants to trick us and use this situation to create an image and to impose an attitude according to which one can only talk about mutual recognition," said Drecun.


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