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Underage mother from Vrsac finds her baby dead: They slept together, and then the nightmare happened

The Higher Public Prosecutor's office in Pancevo has ordered an autopsy to be performed as part of the pre-investigative procedure. The questioning of the members of the household is in progress

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beba majka spavaju san

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A one-month-old baby who was found dead in the village of Zagajica near Vrsac, having died in its sleep, while sleeping in the same bed with the underage mother.

"A minor mother born in 2003 found her one-month-old baby in bed with no signs of life, with whom she slept the same night," the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Pancevo announced.

However, according to the latest publicly available information, the baby did not die a natural death, but suffocated instead - however, it was most likely an accident.

The prosecution has not yet announced the cause of death, because the results of the baby's autopsy and the statements from the family are awaited.

"As part of the pre-investigative procedure, the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Pancevo has ordered a forensic autopsy of the body to determine the exact cause of death, the results of which are expected, and ordered the police to collect information from all the members of the household, in order to clarify the circumstances surrouning the one-month-old baby's death," the prosecution said.


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