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DFC opens doors for workers in Serbia: Americans want to compete with Chinese investors

DFC brings a new impetus to investment and more jobs

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"The arrival of the United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) to the Western Balkans, based in Belgrade, will give a new impetus to investments in the entire region, especially in Serbia, and will bring more jobs," said the director of the Statistical Office of Serbia (RZS), Miladin Kovacevic.

He also believes that American investments show that the Western Balkans, after decades of economic neglect, is now treated as an area of ​​competition by large global financial corporations.

"The first phase of investments refers to infrastructure, these are large projects, such as a highway that would go from Nis through Merdare and Pristina and enable access to the Adriatic coast near Durres. There is also a railway that would go from Pristina through Merdare and exit to Corridor 10, which could also be financed through the DFC," said Kovacevic.

He stressed that DFC will support new investments in sectors such as agriculture, industry, energy, healthcare while all areas of the economy will be encouraged in this way in further development and growth. As he says, in that way, this corporation encourages and helps create conditions for the continuation of industrialization and recovery of the Western Balkans economy.

"Not all economies in the Western Balkans are in the same phase of development, but this region has been neglected for many years, and the arrival of the DFC shows that it is now considered an area of ​​capital competition for large financial corporations and markets. It's a new US policy towards investments with the goal of competing with Chinese investments," stated Kovacevic.

He noted that DFC supports private capital projects and noted that such investments have been scarce in the Western Balkan in previous decades. Serbia has been at the forefront there since 2015, when it entered an accelerated investment cycle, and the arrival of the DFC will make the continuation of growth of that cycle more certain.

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