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Official suspected of stabbing woman to death in Baric: He said they were in a relationship?


"Nothing in his behavior in recent days indicated that something like this would happen," we were told at the municipality of Koceljeva

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Radovan Ranisavljević

Photo: koceljeva.gov.rs

A woman, J.L., was killed last night in the settlement of Baric near Obrenovac. Radovan R. (57), a municipal official from Koceljeva, is suspected of her murder, it has been confirmed for Telegraf.rs.

A police patrol found the victim's body in her house. After the murder, Radovan R. tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge in Sabac, but the police prevented him from doing so.

He then said that he was having an affair with the murdered woman, that he entered her house through the window and stabbed her after a short quarrel.

Telegraf reporters spoke today with one of the neighbors who told us that she was in living fear after the crime that happened near her weekend house.

"It's not all the same to me, I'm alone here... I have a weekend house and I was there last night, but heard nothing. When I found out what happened, I couldn't believe it. I had to take a sedative," the neighbor said.

Others revealed that the couple had been renting the house where the crime happened.


Colleagues: Hard working and responsible worker

In Koceljeva, people have been shocked to learn that Radovan R. killed J.L. last night. In the neighboring village of Svileuva, where he lives and in the small town where he works, the murder in Baric is today the only topic of conversation, especially because Radovan R. is a municipal official.

In the building of the municipality of Koceljeva, where Radovan R. worked as head of one administrative department, there was silence since this morning. His closest associates and municipal officials are not talking about his private life, but praise him as hard-working and responsible, saying he was dedicated to his work.

"We are surprised by the news this morning and we are questioning what happened, for him to commit such a crime. Nothing in his behavior in the last few days indicated that something like this would happen," they told us at the municipality of Koceljeva.

The victim was from Svileuva, the same village where Radovan R. lived. The two of them were allegedly having an affair for some time. There were rumors about his love adventures, but in silence since everyone knew his family and that he held a high position in the municipality.

In addition to having a wife, Radovan R. also has two adult children and three grandchildren.

"No one could have imagined that such a quiet and calm man was capable of killing someone in a vicious way," people in Svileuva say in disbelief.

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