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Luka Jovic goes to prison for 6 months for visiting Sofija during quarantine? Indictment filed!


The football player did not agree to pay 5,000,000 dinars (about 42,000 euros) for humanitarian purposes, which is what the prosecution requested

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Luka Jović, Sofija Milošević

Photo: Shutterstock, A. Nalbantjan, Tanjug/AP

The First Basic Public Prosecutor's office in Belgrade has filed an indictment against Real Madrid football player Luka Jovic, accusing him of violating self-isolation rules that were in place in Serbia in March, when he came here from Spain.

He is charged with the criminal offense of not acting according to health regulations during an epidemic, the prosecutor's office specified for Tanjug on Thursday, and today the prosecutor's office issued an official statement regarding this case.

With the indictment, the prosecution proposed to the court that Jovic should be sentenced to six months in prison.

The criminal charges against Jovic followed during the first week after the introduction of a state of emergency, when he was supposed to spend two weeks in self-isolation after coming to Belgrade, which he did not respect.

The indictment came because the football player did not accepot the opportunity to settle the case - the dropping of the criminal complaint in exchange for a payment of at least 3.5 million dinars.

The statement specifies that during March, Jovic did not act according to the regulations in place to prevent the epidemic of the Covid 19 disease, that is to, according to the decision of the Ministry of Health and Sanitary Inspection, which was handed to him on March 14 at the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, spend 14 days at the address of residence since he had come from a country, Spain, with intensive transmission of the virus. Instead he left the place of residence during the period of his supposed self-isolation.

LUka Jović

Photo: Instagram.com/lukajovic

The prosecution proposed that the First Basic Court in Belgrade should find Jovic guilty and sentence him to six months in prison.

Before filing the indictment, the prosecution points out that Jovic was presented with the possibility of postponing the criminal prosecution - by paying 5,000,000 dinars for humanitarian purposes, to which he did not agree.

As the prosecution did not agree that the amount that the defendant Jovic would pay for humanitarian purposes should be less than 3,500,000 dinars, bearing in mind the fact that criminal charges were filed against him in regular procedure, i.e., that the defendant was not detained, and bearing in mind his property status and earnings and that the defendant is a public figure, this institute was not applied, the statement said.

The prosecution recalls that the institute of opportunity (to settle) was applied to the artist Goran Bregovic because he was building without a permit, when he paid 2,500,000 dinars for humanitarian purposes, in accordance with his financial situation.

Luka Jović, Sofija Milošević

Photo: Instagram/sofijamilo

In other cases, large sums of money have been paid in the name of postponing criminal prosecution, according to the prosecution office, because it believes that in that way, exclusively in cases where the law explicitly allows it, as well as the financial possibilities of the defendant, the purpose of the institute of opportunity is fulfilled.

It is stated that the funds collected in this way help build kindergartens, equip pediatric and other health institutions, IT classrooms and are used for other exclusively humanitarian purposes.

The goal of the prosecution is to resolve as many cases as possible through the opportunity agreement on the recognition of a criminal act, it is noted in the statement.

Jovic violated quarantine and mandatory isolation after he arrived from Madrid. He left his apartment and went to visit his girlfriend Sofija Milosevic, who was celebrating her birthday. It turned out later that she was pregnant at the time, and a few months later she gave birth to a boy, so Jovic became a father for the second time, and in the meantime they became engaged.

Jovic has another son with a previous girlfriend, Andjela Manitasevic, who was born after they had broken up.

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