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Sazdanovic: Covid occupation at least until spring, maybe summer, incredible amount of oxygen used

"In one day the same quantity of oxygen is consumed as in six months," says the director of the Clinical Center (KC) Kragujevac, Predrag Sazdanovic

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Photo: Tanjug/AP

Director of the Clinical Center Kragujevac Predrag Sazdanovic said this morning that the coronavirus occupation will certainly last the whole spring and maybe until the summer.

He told RTS that the Psychiatry Clinic is also entering the Covid system. He added that additional amounts of oxygen are being provided, which is being consumed at an incredible pace. He appealed on citizens to respect anti-Covid measures and to see their doctor in time.

Sazdanovic said that the results of the implementation of the new measures that came into force last night will be seen in 10-15 days.

"The message is to respect (measures) everywhere and in every place, to take care of yourself and your health and your family. This will last, vaccines will come, too, but we should all know in our heads to get ready. The occupation of the virus will last for sure all spring and maybe until the summer," said the director of KC Kragujevac.

He said that about 250 patients are hospitalized in that institution, of which 54 are in intensive care. Due to the increasing number of admissions, the Psychiatry Clinic is also entering the Covid system. There are also 31 patients in the Sumadija Fair, three of them from Kragujevac and 28 from Belgrade.

These are mostly patients with a milder clinical picture, but, according to Sazdanovic, one should be careful because the situation is changing quickly. By the end of the week, he added, there will be discharges of patients from Belgrade.

Anesteziologija, Klinički Centar Srbije

Photo: Nikola Tomic

Sazdanovic said that the consumption of oxygen is incredible.

"What is spent in six months is spent in a day. We expect installation to start today and tomorrow through a German company and that we will be stable in a week," said the director of KC Kragujevac.

He appealed on citizens to see their doctor if they notice any symptoms.

"Regardless of crowds, wait, be examined and tested. Let's follow the contacts. Everything except that is dangerous," warned Sazdanovic.

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