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Dr. Djerlek: No curfew and state of emergency, although healthcare is receiving biggest blow so far


"The poverty epidemic is also dangerous, which could occur after the epidemic of coronavirus," Djerlek stressed

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Mirsad Djerlek

Photo: Tanjug/Rade Prelic

There will be no curfew or state of emergency, says State Secretary in the Ministry of Health Mirsad Djerlek, and adds that it is up to the Crisis HQ to make decisions that will protect the health of citizens, but without endangering their standard of living.

"The Crisis HQ has a great responsibility to protect the health of citizens, but also to take care of whether these measures will endanger the living standard of citizens. The poverty epidemic is also dangerous, which could occur after the epidemic of coronavirus," said Djerlek.

He told TV Pink that the measures that have been introduced so far are producing results, but that the great challenges lie before us in the form of the widely celebrated in Serbia feast of Saint Nicholas, the New Year, and (Orthodox) Christmas (in early January).

"The situation is still very serious, but it is evident that the existing measures are producing results. These are not the results we expected, because we reached large numbers and cannot quickly achieve the results and figures we expect," he stated.

He remarked that the healthcare system is suffering the biggest blow so far, that the hospitals are full as there are currently 9,500 patients in Covid hospitals.

In addition to the Covid patients, he says, the healthcare system must take care of patients suffering from other diseases. He cited healthcare workers getting infected as a big problem.

"We must not allow our healthcare workers to become infected, because who will treat the patients tomorrow," asked Djerlek and added that unnecessary contacts are a danger in spreading the virus.


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