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This is the document every patient in Serbia signs before receiving coronavirus vaccine

In this way, the patient agrees that the vaccine can be administered, confirms that they are aware of the benefits and the risks

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Potvrda koju potpisuje pacijent, vakcinacija

Photo: Tanjug/Strahinja Acimovic batut.org.rs

Starting today, citizens of Serbia can apply to get vaccined against coronavirus through the eUprava ("eGovernment") portal, and what is important is that by filling out a questionnaire on that portal, one does not give consent to get vaccinated, but only expresses an interest.

The consent for vaccination is a document that is signed at the doctor's office, once you show up and you decide to get vaccinated.

Its full name is the Consent Form for Conducting the Recommended Immunization.

It contains patient data and that pertaining to the doctor who administers the vaccine.

As far as patient's data goes, it contains the name and last name of the insured person, their date of birth and telephone number, a statement that they agree to receive a certain medicine that is administered by hand, the patient's signature and the date of receiving the vaccine.

This form must also contain the name and last name of the doctor, the name of the health institution where they work, their signature and facsimile.

Potvrda koju potpisuje pacijent, vakcinacija

The form in Serbian; Photo: batut.org.rs

Vaccination in Serbia began on December 24, 2020. Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic was vaccinated first, then Minister of Labor, Employment, Veterans' Affairs and Social Affairs Professor Dr. Darija Kisic Tecevic, then and epidemiologist Predrag Kon.

Immunity after 7 days after the second vaccine

According to the Operational Plan for Immunization against Covid 19, which we have already published, this year the population of Serbia will be vaccinated against coronavirus in three phases. The first phase, in which healthcare workers and employees in social welfare institutions are vaccinated, has already begun; in the second phase, employees in the Ministry of the Interior, high schools, colleges, preschools... will be vaccinated, and in the third, employees in primary schools, homeless people, migrants...

Vaccination is carried out in persons older than 16 years of age. Two doses of the vaccine are given 21 days apart. The time required for immunity to develop is seven days after the second dose.

About 20,000 applications through eUprava by 11 am

The process of applying for vaccination through the eUprava portal started today. It takes only 5 minutes to register, and as the director of the IT Office Mihailo Jovanovic told Tanjug, about 20,000 applications arrived by 11 am.

He pointed out that the state decided on that move in order to better organizate the mass vaccination that is coming up in our country.

"Prime Minister Ana Brnabic also announced that the first large checkpoint for mass vaccination will be established at the Belgrade Fair. In that sense, filling out the form is the first step to see the interest of citizens, and in the next step, in accordance with the priorities defined by the Batut Institute, we will be to invite citizens to get vaccinated," Jovanovic explained.

He also stated that the priority are citizens 75 and older, then 65 to 74, then employees in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Serbian Army...

Jovanovic also said that this application process is not time-limited, and that those who have expressed interest in this way can also withdraw it or change their mind.

The vaccine is free for all citizens, and they can choose which one to receive. The US-made vaccine Pfizer-Bionteck is currently available, as is the Russian Sputnik V. Serbia should soon receive the Chinese vaccine as well.

Video: This is what application for vaccination via the eUprava portal looks like: It takes 14 steps and 5 minutes


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