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Belgrade to get two more important monuments and both are dedicated to rulers with Nemanjic lineage

Both rulers are important for Belgrade itself

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Spomenik Stefanu Nemanji

Photo: ATA Images

After the monument to Stefan Nemanja, Belgrade should get two more important monuments, Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic has said.

During a tour of the monument dedicated to Stefan Nemanja (who was the grand prince of Serbia, born in 1113 and died in 1199) located in Savski Square on the eve of its unveiling, which is scheduled for tonight at 8 pm, Vasic revealed that two more Serbian medieval rulers with Nemanjic lineage will get their landmarks in the capital.

First, a monument will be raised to Despot Stefan Lazarevic (1377-1428) who was a Nemanjic on his mother's side, and during whose rule Belgrade became the capital of Serbia, and after that to King Stefan Dragutin (1244-1316), who, as Vesic points out, is very important for Belgrade.

"We sometimes behave as if our history begins in 1804. However, Serbia had a magnificent Middle Ages, which must be respected and must be known. That is exactly why the monument to Stefan Nemanja, among other things, contains the genealogy of the Nemanjics, which our children should know about," said Vesic.

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