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After politics, Strache turns to business: He's making masks in Serbia!

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Well-known politicians have entered the business of mask-making in Serbia

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Heinz-Christian Strache, Hajnc-Kristijan Štrahe

Photo: Profimedia/JOE KLAMAR/AFP, Pixabay, Printscreen: APR

The business of masks is one of the few that flourish in the age of coronavirus. Many companies in Serbia have adjusted their production facilities in order to be able to respond to the market, but also in order to maintain the optimal level of work in some way.

Former Austrian Chancellor, now entrepreneur Heinz Christian Strache has realized that this type of business is profitable in Serbia.

This 51-year-old, as reported by the Austrian media, is involved in the business of mask-making in a company in Odzaci, Serbia.

A simple search of the Serbian Business Registers Agency (APR) site shows that this is true. In our register, Strache is listed as one of the owners.

The company's entry in the register further demonstrates that the company produces non-woven material for face masks.

In Austria, Strache is active against government measures to control coronavirus. There, he publicly shows that he does not think too much about protecting his mouth and nose and distancing, because he does not wear a mask.

It is therefore all the more astonishing that businessman Strache is very dedicated to the business of mask-making. Strache allegedly also has a share in a mask manufacturer based in Vienna.

Heinz-Christian Strache, Hajnc-Kristijan Štrahe

Printscreen: APR

What is Aurum Textile?

The company Aurum Textile is one of the largest producers of non-woven textiles in this part of Europe, and has been operating in Odzaci since last summer.

As previously announced by this firm, "based on many years of production experience of its Austrian founders, this company was founded with the aim of offering high quality non-woven textiles made from high filtration polypropylene which has wide applications."

The entire production is intended for the foreign market.

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