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He survived 3 assassination attempts, tried to strangle a footballer: Who is Sloba Snajper?

This member of the Board of Directors of the Vojvodina Football Club has a thick police dossier...

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Slobodan Milutinović Snajper, hapšenje

Photo: ATV

The news that Slobodan Milutinovic aka "Sloba Snajper," a member of the management of Vojvodina FC, has been arrested by the Serb Republic (RS) police, resounded on Wednesday morning!

Towards the end of 2020, Snajper ("Sniper") was elected to the Management Board of Vojvodina, but he had been closely connected with the club for a long time, primarily as the leader of a part of the club's supporter base.

He was the right hand of late club president Bata Butorovic, and a few years later took over the Novi Sad second league team FC Kabel, which had points docked for match fixing.

Milutinovic even served time in prison in the past, and was charged with illegal carrying of weapons, assault on an official person, infliction of severe injuries, as well as participation in drug and prostitution activities.

After serving his sentence on drug charges, Milutinovic was targeted by Marko Markus, who was the son of a Novi Sad police officer. Markus beat and stabbed him, for which he was originally sentenced to five years in prison. However, he was acquitted because Milutinovic in the meantime "forgot" who beat him. Marko Markus himself was killed in 2017, and the killer and those who gave the order have not been found to this day.

Milutinovic has been in the public eye because of his presence in media's crime sections, so a report about him in February said that an explosive device had been placed under his Porsche Cayenne. This was the third time a car used by Milutinovic was destroyed. In 2013, his Mercedes was torched and the same thing happened to his Volvo XC 90 in 2018.

A report about the latest event said that the detonation was so strong that a crater was formed in the asphalt in the place where the car was blown up, while glass shattered on surrounding cars and buildings.

"Clearly the explosive was placed badly, so when it was activated remotely, it fell off the car and exploded on the ground, thanks to which Snajper survived," a source told the daily Kurir at the time, adding that Milutinovic gave a statement to the police after the attack, but allegedly he did not know who would want to harm him.

"This is the third car owned by Milutinovic that was intentionally destroyed. His Mercedes SUV was the first to be set on fire in November 2013. Five years later, in late October 2018, his Volvo burned down in a parking lot after it was deliberately set on fire," the source recalled.

Then there's the incident from 2017, when former Vojvodina football player Nikola Trujic accused Milutinovic of grabbing him by the neck after a match the club played against Slovakia's Ruzomberok.

"Milutinovic grabbed me by the neck and started dragging me to the bench. He told me: 'What's your act?! How long are we supposed to tolerate you?' When he was done, his brother Nenad punched me in the head and added: 'We'll see each other back in Novi Sad'," Trujic told reporters after the attack.

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