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Police search apartment of anti-vaxxer and doctor Jovana Stojkovic

The well-known anti-vaxxer otherwise a politician and psychiatrist, protested and argued with members of the Interior Ministry (MUP) who came to her apartment

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Jovana Stojkovic

Printscreen: Youtube/RTV Mars HD Valjevo

Early this morning, the police arrived in the apartment of anti-vaxxer and president of the "Zivim za Srbiju" ("I Live for Serbia") movement, Jovana Stojkovic, along with a search warrant, reports the daily Blic.

Stojkovic livestreamed the arrival of the police and the discussion with them on the movement's Facebook page.

As can be heard in the conversation between Stojkovic and the man who is recording it all, inspectors carrying police badges around their necks came with an order to search the apartment. The order was issued because Stojkovic is suspected of causing fear and panic.

The well-known anti-vaxxer, otherwise a politician and psychiatrist, protested and argued with the members of the Ministry of the Interior who came to her apartment, as is heard in the video, for fear that the police would "plant weapons or drugs" on her.

"It's like we're criminals. What do you expect to find here, weapons and drugs in possession of someone you suspect of causing fear and panic? What do you expect to find in the apartment of someone who causes fear and panic?," Stojkovic asked as the man recorded the whole conversation.

The video clearly shows that the police officers are talking calmly with Stojkovic and the man, explaining the search warrant to them, but Stojkovic is panicking, calling her lawyer and insulting the members of the MUP.

"Would you shoot me if you had an order? You certainly would," said Stojkovic.

There has been no official confirmation yet from the Ministry of the Interior about the search of Jovana Stojkovic's apartment.


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