Teme: Police

"Defense of freedom", a spectacle in Nis: Great military-police parade for the Victory Day

EXCLUSIVE! Footage of hooligans attacking the home of the former Sports Director of Partizan

A terrible story from a village in Serbia: Newborn found dead in the toilet. The autopsy confirmed terrible doubts

Famous Serbian journalist drunk and driving with 1.73 blood alcohol level: He was arrested in a car chase while he drove on the wrong side of the Branko bridge (VIDEO)

Reckless Serb in a BMW caused chaos on a highway near Hamburg: He smashed into a "Ford", the driver died, two passengers injured (PHOTO)

First footages from the scene, the bus, and the truck are charred: The police published the telephone number which could prevent the next tragedy (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Love triangle tragedy: Nemanja was murdered by the lover of his wife, and she planned the whole thing?

"We will stop Serbian officials at the border, we will hold them for hours, we will send intelligence agencies, police": New provocation by Haradinaj

Terrorizing! Croats allowed Serbian buses with tourists to cross the border after 4 hours: Morning with new crowds on the border crossing

Assassinations in Banja Luka with the signature of the mafia: These murders shook the city and each one is more brutal than the last

Bloodshed in northern Serbia: A man shot his wife in the chest and then in his head

Montenegrin Escobar arrested with 807 kilograms of cocaine: Drug has arrived from Venezuela!

A professor from Belgrade sent sexual messages to his students through Viber and asked them to take nude pictures

Elementary school pupils cut their veins over dangerous internet games "Momo" and "Blue whale": Deadly challenge in Bitola (VIDEO)

Serbian dealers-soldiers who fell with cocaine worth 120,000 euros due to naive mistake, admitted everything and struck a deal with the prosecution

The robbery of the century recorded in Albania: Thieves charged into the runway of the airfield and took millions in 2 minutes (VIDEO)

Chaos in Split: The young men fought in front of the nightclub, brutal footage (VIDEO)

There is a movie chase for Albanian who escaped the prison in Prokuplje: One phone call took him to freedom

The driver of the 92 bus stopped and said that a wanted person is on the bus, everybody should sit still until the police arrive: Drama in Belgrade transport (PHOTO)

Drama in Ljubljana: A man took a city bus full of passengers, the police had to kill him to stop the bus

Five Serbs secretly smuggled Albanians to Hungary and took 900 euros per person

I invite all institutions in Serbia to react! Vucic told citizens not to worry "because of the last fascist break-in of opposition in City Assembly" (PHOTO)

Two pyromaniacs arrested in Northern Macedonia: Fire engulfed vineyards, it threatens the houses and churches, people evacuated

"Flash of the Western Balkans" brought together special forces from Pristina, Tirana, and Skopje: The purpose of the exercise under the scandalous name (PHOTO FROM THE SCENE)

Davor T. was "pure as a tear", and he changed his last name: He grew up with everything, and he was working as a driver. Everything about the new Serbian king of cocaine

Who are the brothers Milos and Vladimir Vidakovic: Well known in criminal circles, they ran a business with Montenegrins and one of them was shot twice

The group "Justice for David" is becoming a political party: Davor Dragicevic went live and he announced great changes

The mysterious death of Vladimir Vidakovic in Colombia: The narco-mafia applied the "receipt of death", first they lured him, and then finished him? (PHOTO)

A movie-like chase in Croatia: Police were chasing a car with migrants, they managed to arrest two of them

Your job is to write tickets, my job is to be drunk: The police stopped a young man, and he made the entire region laugh