Teme: Police

Exclusive video! Watch ROSU twisting hands of the arrested Serbs and dragging them to prison in South Mitrovica (VIDEO)

(FIRST PHOTOS AND VIDEOS) Albanians are beating Serbs with batons in front of women and children:

They are arresting Serbs who can put up some resistance: ROSU arrested Partizan leader of the fans in Mitrovica

A man from Split broke into a house trying to steal something, and then he found alcohol and got drunk

A dead drunk Croat (53) roamed on the highway in Bavarska, he was trying to return to his own country

Footage of incredible robbery in Novi Pazar: He approached the seller and he took out two huge knives, and he asked him to open the cash register (VIDEO)

The night of terror in Podgorica: He entered a shop and knocked out a girl and he kicked and hit another one (DISTURBING VIDEO)

A maniac from a tram attacked a teenage girl, he is tied up to a bed and he awaits trial: He started screaming, shouting - nurses barely restrained him

They transported cocaine from Africa to Zagreb in a private plain, and now they were arrested by Croatian police a

The Montenegrin police officially confirmed: Serbian intellectuals are banned from entering Montenegro

Broken utility poles and ripped cables, flying signs, the wind was blowing up to 70km/h in the south of Serbia: Strong storm caused disaster in half an hour (PHOTO)

Someone is manipulating the migrants. When the leader comes to the border, there is all out chaos: Croats claim that the attempt to breach the border was devised ahead

Migrants broke through the cordon at the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, 200 people blocked the traffic: Conflicts with the police are ongoing and there are injuries (VIDEO)

Albanians stoned Serbs: We were afraid and we prayed, women lied down in the bus (VIDEO)

Fight for your life in Belgrade: A thief hit her in the chest and ripped the necklace from her neck, he became even crueler when he saw her arm

Terrible multiple-vehicle crash on the highway: Zero visibility due to thick smoke and a lost life, firefighters had to cut open a crushed van (PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

A car of a famous Serbian TV reporter exploded, her father transported urgently to the Emergency Center! (PHOTOS AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

He murdered his wife in front of her parents because she cheated on him, and then he calmly sat down to drink coffee in the middle of the village: A bloody family drama in Macedonia

A mole-man has been discovered: Serb robbed houses and jewelry shops by digging tunnels (VIDEO)

The battle for Interpol begins: The offensive of Pristina and the sharp response from Belgrade

The mysterious murder of a Serbian tourist in the Dominican Republic: He was found in a room with one bullet in his head (PHOTO)

"You will no longer arrest me": He stole a police car, and then he drove recklessly near Belgrade while he was live on Facebook (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Drama in Novi Sad: An attacker charged at the taxi driver, shouting "Allah Akbar"

Kolinda attacked by a swarm of hornets while visiting border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia (PHOTO)

Everybody was trash talking about Serbia, and these foreigners defended it. They really taught us something important

Investigations launched against a paramilitary group in Slovenia: Recordings and photographs of armed men caused panic on social networks (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Drunk Serb arrested in Croatia for driving on the wrong side of the road

Unprecedented crime over a banal reason: Mother, father and daughter brutally murdered while sleeping (VIDEO)

"My God, I am shaking, what is this?" Cruel scenes in front of the lawyer's office in Rakovica which was demolished and set on fire (PHOTO)

British girls discovered a dark side of spending a vacation in Croatia: They've tried kidnapping us, they were touching us and a policeman tried hitting on me (VIDEO)