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Nesic: It makes no sense for Serbs to exchange their Kosovo for their Serb Republic

The DNS leader said that "the Serb state territory is not a collecting card to be exchanged just like that, and especially not among ourselves"

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Nenad Nešić DNS

Photo: DNS

The president of the Democratic People's Alliance (DNS), Nenad Nesic, has told Kosovo Online that "it would be complete nonsense for Serbs to exchange the Serb territory of Kosovo and Metohija for the Serb territory of the Serb Republic (RS)."

Recently, former British diplomat Timothy Less suggested that Serbia "could hand over Kosovo in exchange for the Serb Republic" - while Nesic responded by saying that "the Serb state territory is not a collecting card to be exchanged just like that, and especially not among ourselves."

"What everyone must understand, without resolving the Serb national question, there can be no lasting stability in the Balkans and that aspirations and pretensions of other nations cannot be resolved to the detriment of the Serbs. The policy of double standards has proven to be tragic in this region, so I believe that everyone has learned their lesson and will not repeat such a mistake," he said.

Asked to comment on the alleged "non-paper" by Prime Minister of Slovenia Janez Jansa, Nesic said that "in the last 100 years, the nations in this area have not been independently deciding either on associating or separating."

"Great powers played a crucial role. The question of borders is too complex to be solved with a few strokes of a pen or a document by an unknown author. History teaches us that in the Balkans, borders have never been shaped without great and tragic earthquakes, and that is why one should be careful. On the other hand, the emergence of such documents serves either to test the public opinion or as a cover for pushing current topics to the background, to which certain actors do not have an answer," he said.

Nesic added that he has not heard so far that any international official has correlated the issues of Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Nenad Nešić DNS

Photo: DNS

"On the contrary, it is stressed that these are separate problems and should be solved separately. The fact that it can be sporadically heard from politicians from this region that relations between Belgrade and Pristina and relations within BiH should be resolved as a package, serves more for daily politics than it has a real foothold," stressed.

The DNS leader added that "Kosovo and Metohija is the most emotional issue for every Serb, which we must approach extremely rationally."

"Every agreement implies a compromise. A solution without respecting the interests of both Belgrade and Pristina is not an agreement but an imposed outcome. I sincerely believe that the leadership of our motherland Serbia and President Aleksandar Vucic will succeed in achieving a balance that will satisfy the expectations of both the Serb and the Albanian people," said Nesic.

When asked whether a peaceful separation is possible in BiH, Nesic said that "SDA, HDZ and SNSD (parties) have agreed not to agree on anything."

"And they have consistently adhered to that agreement, and BiH has been kept in an undeclared state of emergency for almost 20 years. BiH, with two entities and three equal peoples has not been structured in Banja Luka or in Sarajevo for its constitutional structure to be changed in those places. I sincerely doubt that there is the mood in the international community to change the Dayton Agreement, and that is a condition for a change of relations in BiH. This does not mean that we should not talk about how to improve internal relations, make BiH more efficient and make it a better place for all citizens to live. There are no such talks, in accordance with the 'agreement' that I mentioned," Nesic concluded.


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