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"Out of 400 actors I picked him": How Bozidar Nikolic discovered Brad Pitt

The famed director gave a then unknown American actor the lead role in the film "Dark Side of the Sun"

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Bred Pit,  Božidar Nikolić

Photo: Profimedia, Printscreen: RTS

Well-known director Bozidar Nikolic, who passed away at the age of 80, had a career to be proud of. He worked with many stars, and as he once said, he discovered the now famous Brad Pitt.

Namely, Bozidar Nikolic offered the main role in the film "Dark Side of the Sun" to a then unknown American actor, Brad Pitt.

"I discovered Brad Pitt. I was at the Metro Goldwyn Mayer, and out of 400 actors who were at the casting for this film, I chose him. Due to the war breaking out in the former Yugoslavia, 'Dark Side of the Sun,' unfortunately, was never shown here, and had its US premiere was only in 1997. In fact, the Americans stole the film from me, because I am its co-owner, but they never gave me a penny. But today I can say that I regret almost nothing in my career," Bozidar Nikolic told Novosti one time.

"Dark Side of the Sun" was filmed in 1988, as a US co-production with Yugoslavia and Canada. The screenplay is based on the story of Nikola Jovanovic, and was written by Andrew Horton and Zeljko Mijanovic.

In addition to Brad Pitt, Cheryl Pollak, Guy Boyd, Milena Dravic, Sonja Savic, Stole Arandjelovic also had roles in this movie.

Watch the trailer:


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