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Serbia donates 100,000 Pfizer vaccines to Czech Republic. Brnabic: 2 reasons for vaccine factory

The event was attended by the prime minister of Serbia and the ambassador of the Czech Republic

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Serbia today donated 100,000 Pfizer vaccines to citizens of the Czech Republic.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and Czech Ambassador Tomas Kuchta were at Belgrade's Nikola Tesla airport to see off the plane transporting the donation.

"Today is a great moment for relations between Serbia and the Czech Republic. Serbia has always been our friend, it has always been close to us, when we were facing bad times as well, we see today again that we have proof that we are brotherly peoples. Czech citizens feel that, and I hope Serbians do as well. This is a great gift. We do not have enough vaccines in the Czech Republic.

This help comes at the best time, when people want to get vaccinated before the summer holidays. We will never forget this generosity," Ambassador Kuchta said, speaking in Serbian, and added that he continues to hope for the best cooperation between the two countries.

"After a truly very successful successful visit to the Czech Republic in April, the Government of Serbia is today fulfilling the promise given on that occasion and we are sending a delivery of just over 100,000 vaccines - 100,620 to be exact - to the Czech Republic," said Brnabic.

She stressed that everyone's wish is for life to return to normal, and for countries to prosper economically, for visits and traveling to resume...

"We have donated 102,190 vaccines to friends in the region so far. In the coming period, we will donate another 10,000 to Montenegro, the Sarajevo Canton, and the Serb Republic," said Brnabic, stressing her satisfaction with the fact Serbia is able to provide this type of assistance.

Almost 50 percent of adults have been vaccinated


In Serbia, about 47 percent of the adult population has been vaccinated, about 38 percent with the second dose of the vaccine, said the prime minister.

"We are thinking proactively," said Brnabic, announcing the construction of a vaccine factory in the country: "We also want to be safe, should a third dose of the vaccine be needed."

If that proves not to be necessary, she said that it will be a good investment "for anything that may come in the future."

"Judging by Israel's experiences, measures can be relaxed when about 56 percent of the population has been revaccinated. That is the first goal we have set for ourselves.

I would like everyone who can to get vaccinated. It's a question of basic civic duty and responsibility. The goal is to vaccinate more than 50 percent of the total adult population with at least the first dose by June 21," said the prime minister.

She pointed out that the situation in the region is also important because people come to Serbia - on business or as tourists.

"You can import the virus at any moment. We are not all safe," said the prime minister.

Regarding the violation of Covid restrictions by the Red Star basketball club, she said that they had already been fined once, that she would check if that was the case this time as well, and that she regrets the situation.

"That will be one of the topics at today's Crisis HQ. I want everyone who violates the measures to be punished," she said.

Also today, another 81,900 doses of Pfizer coronavirus vaccines arrived in Serbia. The vaccines have been delivered to the Torlak Institute in Belgrade.


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