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Sekler: Coronavirus is delighted with new measures. If I spoke for it, I'd say, "Hurray, great"

"Relaxing of measures will help the virus survive: If I were a coronavirus, I would say, 'Phenomenal!' We will allow it to survive, this is the right way, there is no other way," says virologist Milanko Sekler

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Dr Milanko Šekler

Printscreen: RTS

Virologist Milanko Sekler commented on the decision of the Crisis HQ to relax Covid restrictions by saying that this will enable the virus to remain in the population and wait for the fall.

He told RTS that softer measures will enable the virus to survive the summer, stay in the population and wait for the fall.

"That is the right path for it," said Sekler.

"If I were a coronavirus virus, I would say phenomenal, thank God it's like this. We will enable it to survive, this is the right way, there is no other way," said Sekler.

He stressed that vaccination is almost stagnant, and that the structure of those vaccinated is very poor.

He cited the example of Chile, which had almost 47 percent of the population vaccinated when it lifted almost all restrictions, and now they are once again in lockdown.

He added that the new measures only legalized what is already being done.

"Weddings were organized, I saw it with my own eyes," said Sekler and added that the virus is delighted with the new measures:

"If I spoke on his behalf, I would say, 'Hurray! Great!'"


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