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Horror near Kanjiza: Man arrested on suspicion of killing wife, hiding body in the house for 7 days

The police did not have any information about violence occurring in this family before, nor did they receive any reports

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The police in Kikinda have arrested T.V. (53) on suspicion that he committed the crime of murder on June 8, when he is believed to have, after an altercation, struck his 58-year-old common law wife on the back of the head with a metal bar, causing her injuries from which the woman died.

This brutal murder happened in the family home owned by the suspect, in the village of Adorjan in the municipality of Kanjiza, and it was discovered a week later, only when neighbors noticed that the woman was missing for several days, so they reported this to the police.

"The suspect T.V. committed the murder and continued to live as usual, as if nothing had happened. He was staying in one room, while in the body of his wife, to whom he inflicted fatal injuries, was in another. This case was discovered thanks to the neighbors, who found it suspicious that the woman did not appear for several days. She wasn't coming out of the house, nobody saw her, so they informed the police. That is how the tragedy came to light," Novosti learned.

The Police Administration in Kikinda announced on Wednesday, June 16, that a suspect had been arrested, that he was detained for up to 48 hours and that after that, he would be brought before the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Subotica along with a criminal complaint.

"The police did not have any information about violence occurring in this family before, nor did they receive any reports. We have no prior knowledge of T.V. in connection to any criminal acts," the police said, reacting to this tragic case that happened in the northern Backa region.


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