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Interior Ministry reacts to horrific violence on Ada, urges victim to contact nearest police station

Work is underway to shed light on the incident

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Members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP) are working intensively on identifying and clarifying all the circumstances related to the event, a video of which has been shared on social networks, showing an unknown man violently attacking a woman, whose identity is also unknown. The incident happened on the Ada Ciganlija river resort in Belgrade.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has urged everyone who has any information about this event to contact the Police Administration for the City of Belgrade in order to determine the identity of the participants as quickly and efficiently as possible and to take legal measures against the perpetrator.

"We also appeal on citizens and call on them to report any kind of violence or suspicion of a crime to a police station before sharing videos on social networks, so that we can react in time and protect the victim," said the statement.

The gruesome video of the incident on Ada Ciganlija appeared on social networks yesterday, showing a man kicking a woman in the head, while others sat undisturbed and watched it all unfold.

As can be seen in the recording, the tall man started attacking the woman, shouting, "Why are you making a fool out of me!"

Visibly upset, the woman started to flee, telling him to go away and leave her alone, guessing what he might do.

Eventually, as she was running away, she tripped and fell to the ground. As she was about to get up, he dealt her a strong blow to the head, which caused her to collapse.

Only then did a woman in the background shout, "Hello, why are you beating her for, what are you doing!" Another sitting next to her is heard saying, "I won't go."


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