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18 pedophiles get arrested: They asked for nude photos and videos from 15-year-old girl on Facebook

Pedophiles from all over Serbia have been arrested

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"As part of Operation Armageddon, early this morning members of the Service for the Fight against Organized Crime, as well as several police administrations in the territory of the Republic of Serbia arrested 18 persons. These persons disseminated child pornography, recorded pornographic content, contacted children via the internet," Minister of Internal Affairs Aleksandar Vulin announced on Tuesday.

"What's most important to us is that the families and children will be protected. Each violent person, each scoundrel who raises his hand to a woman, anyone who tries to sexually abuse any child will be found, will be exposed and appropriately punished. That's the job of the police, but all of you parents should try to spend more time with your children, learn with them. Try to be with them in this strange, big technological world where my generation is not doing very well. Be there for them, help them, control what they do on the internet, take care of who they communicate with, what content they see," said Minister Vulin.

The minister's message was that the police would find every sexual predator, every bully.

"We will find them, hand them over to the judicial authorities and hope that they will be punished appropriately. But we come when it's all over. Be there for your children before something like this happens," said the minister.

In cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office for High-Tech Crime in Belgrade, the following persons have been arrested: D.S. (45) and D.H. (60) from Belgrade, S.V. (57) from Mladenovac, S.A. (43) from Obrenovac, S.K. (57) from Nis, D.R. (36) from Doljevac, P.I. (49) from Kraljevo, B.J. (33) from Leskovac, J.C. (61) from Vladicin Han, V.L. (57) from Bac, I.B. (61) from Kikinda, A.I. (37) and E.I. (41) from Novi Pazar , A.C. (34) from Trstenik, J.M. (57) from Kovin, N.M. (33) from Krusevac, Z.M. (49) from Ruma, and D.M. (61) from Kladovo.

They are suspected of committing the criminal offenses of showing, obtaining and possessing pornographic material, and exploiting a minor for pornography, exploiting a computer network or communicating using other technical means to commit crimes against sexual freedom targeting a minor, sexual harassment and coercion.

It is suspected that they contacted a minor girl via Facebook and demanded that she takes photographs and videos in the nude, and send them these photos and videos via the social network.

Also, the suspects sent her photos and videos containing pornographic content and arranged meetings to have sexual intercourse, even though she told them at the beginning of the communication that she was 15 years old.

The suspects have been detained for up to 48 hours and will be brought before a competent prosecutor's office.


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