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The initial 400 millions to arrive from DFC by the end of the year: How can Serbian firms use them?

The money from the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) will be available as working capital and for liquidity, but also for investments

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DFC US International Development Finance Corporation

Photo: Pixabay, U.S. International Development Finance Corporation

Finance Minister Sinisa Mali has said that the first part of DFC's guarantee scheme, worth 400 million dollars, will most likely become available to our companies by the end of the year.

"We are now in the final talks about a big agreement we need to sign with them, followed by individual signings with commercial banks and I expect that by the end of the year we will have 400 million of their guarantee scheme available to micro, small and medium enterprises," Mali told Tanjug.

He pointed out that it is good that the DFC accepted to come to Serbia and that their headquarters for the entire region are in Belgrade.

Mali said that 400 million dollars will be available to our companies under very favorable conditions as working capital and for liquidity, but also for investments.

Asked whether the realization of the agreement with the DFC could be faster, Mali recalled that there has been a change of administration in the United States, and that this process slowed down the realization of the agreement.

"The confirmation from the new administration is that they are completely committed to this program, both regarding our country and the entire region,region" said Mali and added that the realization was slowed down by the pandemic as well.

Mali said that the presence of DFC is of great importance for our country's credibility, but also for growth and development of our small, medium and large companies.

Video: DFC chief in Belgrade: Were here to stay

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