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Here's why Djokovic is greatest tennis player of all time, even though he didn't win 21st Grand Slam

The numbers are already largely on Djokovic's side, and there is no doubt that he will only improve them as his career continues

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Novak Đoković

Photo: Tanjug/AP

Novak Djokovic failed to make history at the US Open, as he was defeated by Daniil Medvedev in the final in front of 23,000 people at the Arthur Ashe Stadium (6-4, 6-4, 6-4) in a match where the stake for Novak was winning all four Grand Slams this year, and his 21st Grand Slam title overall.

Novak broke several records on the way to the final. With the victories over Berrettini and Zverev, he reached 225 victories over Top 10 players, overtaking Federer in this way, who was previously the record holder with 223 such victories.

He also equaled Federer in the number of Grand Slam finals. They've both played 31 so far and share the top spot on that list.

Previously, Novak had already broken all the most important records. All he needed to do was "cement" his status as the tennis GOAT with the most important statistical parameter, the number of Slam title wons, while the icing on the cake would have been winning all of the season's Grand Slams, which nobody has done since Rod Laver in 1969.

Knowing Novak, he will only learn from this defeat and return even stronger in 2022, and it's only a question of time when he will overtake Nadal and Federer in the number of Grand Slam trophies they won.

But, despite the fact that he did not succeed at this year's US Open, Djokovic is undoubtedly the greatest tennis player of all time! The numbers prove it. Even Medvedev, after his victory, bowed to him during his speech, and said, "Novak, to me, you are the best of all time."

Why is Novak the greatest tennis player of all time?

- He is the record holder in the number of week spent at the top of the ATP list, with 338 weeks (Federer is second with 310 weeks).

- He is the record holder is the amount of money won from tennis with 153,120,635 dollars (Federer is second with 130 million, and Nadal is third with 125 million).

- He has a better mutual score against his biggest rivals (27:23 against Federer and 30:28 against Nadal).

- He shares the record for the number of Masters titles with Nadal (36 each).

- He is the only player in the history of the open era who has won at least two titles at each Grand Slam.

- He shares the record for the number of calendar years completed as number 1, but he will almost certainly overtake Sampras and at the end of this year and have seven years as number 1.

- He is the record holder in the number of titles won at the Australian Open with 9.

- He played at least six finals at each Grand Slam, which is a record.

- He is the only tennis player who won the "Golden Masters" and has a title from every Masters tournament.

- He was the only one in modern history to have all four Grand Slams trophies at the same time (in 2016 after winning Roland Garros).

- He achieved a record number of points on the ATP list at one point (16,950 points).

And so on and so forth, because the list of Novak's records is extremely long and these are some of the most important ones, which he currently holds or shares with others for at least some time, before he become independent as a record holder, which we believe will happen soon.

Who is the best tennis player of all time?


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