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Political commentator Milan Jovanovic heated atmosphere in Bosnia: Danger to peace is obvious

"The current situation in the Western Balkans is a consequence of the disruption and deterioration of relations between the West and Russia"

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Journalist and political commentator Milovan Jovanovic has spoken about relations between world powers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the future of Dodik, Covic and Izetbegovic, the work of the opposition in the Serb Republic (RS), and the future of the Western Balkans.

"The current situation in the Western Balkans is a consequence of the disturbance and deterioration of relations between the West and Russia and the stopping of the EU enlargement process. Russia, China, Turkey and some countries in the Middle East have used that. The incompetent and compromised Brussels bureaucracy ignores the fact that the EU will never be complete, secure and strong until all the countries of the Western Balkans become part of it. Since the Dayton Agreement was signed, never before has there been such an obvious danger to the peace, stability and security of BiH. The EU has lost credibility, influence and power in resolving Balkan disputes. Unfortunately, the EU is today in the most miserable state since it was founded. Only with strong, consistent and permanent engagement of the US is there a chance for solving the crisis," said Jovanovic.

When it comes to: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and their policy towards BiH, independently of the EU and the US, Jovanovic said:

"The EU has lost internal cohesion, and a common foreign and security policy. The behavior of these five countries is only a consequence of all this, but also of the disinterest of the United States. The EU had been shaken by crises, from which it has always emerged politically weakened: the 2008 crisis in Georgia and the global economic crisis; 2014 annexation of Crimea and occupation of eastern Ukraine by Moscow, the migrant crisis in 2015 after Russian intervention in Syria; Brexit 2016, which Russia helped and welcomed. Another aggravating circumstance for the EU was the Trump administration in the United States, which severed ties with its allies. All that paralyzed the EU," stated Jovanovic.

He believes that the work of the opposition in the RS is "very bad."

"The government in the RS, with its behavior, incompetence and inaction, works more in favor of the opposition than they do themselves. I don't see anyone who could be a true leader. And when they take power one day, they must find serious, professional and responsible people who are able to fulfill what they promise and who can achieve results. Otherwise, the people will punish them very quickly," Jovanovic sees it from that angle.

When asked to comment on the stance of Serbian President Vucic towards the RS, BiH, Milorad Dodik, and the RS opposition, he said:

"The president of Serbia has always clearly stressed that Serbia supports the Dayton Peace Agreement and everything that is in accordance with it, and that peace and stability are the most important for Serbia."

A few days ago, a meeting was held with representatives of the Western Balkans. The journalist asked Jovanovic what the chances are that this will succeed in the long run.

"Unfortunately, poor, because there will be no enlargement of the EU until the EU is reformed and consolidated," said Jovanovic.

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