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Man whom firefighters barely managed to pull out of an apartment full of garbage has died


He allegedly had gas gangrene

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Z.N. (67), who was pulled out of a garbage-filled apartment by firefighters, has passed away - Novosti writes. Sick and alone in his apartment in New Belgrade, he was lying for days on top of the garbage which he has been hoarding in his home for years, until his acquaintances found him there on Tuesday at around 2 pm. They called the police and an ambulance, and the man was transferred to the KBC Zemun, with a visibly diseased leg.

Although there was information that he had a stroke, he allegedly passed away due to diabetes which had caused gas gangrene.

His home was without electricity, and he lived alone in it for years. The apartment was filled almost to the ceiling with old clothes, bags, plastic and glass bottles, dishes...

As Objektiv previously reported, Dragana M., who lives on the same floor, told the media that the problem with the neighbor who was not taking care of the hygiene of his space has been going on for years.

"He is a collector of all kinds of things, secondary raw materials, which he later sells on improvised stalls near the old Mercator. His friends, who sell goods there as well, were looking for him today (Tuesday) and from the door saw him lying on the floor and moaning. Everybody thought he had a stroke, but when the medics took him out into the hallway, we noticed that one of his legs was completely black. No wonder, considering the conditions in which he lived. Because of him, I haven't been opening the window for years, we can't breathe from the stench that comes from his home," said Dragana.

According to the building manager Predrag Mickovic, this problem with Z.N., whose collecting "hobby" caused problems for the tenants of this multi-floor building, had been reported to the communal police several times.

"In the last three or four years, this problem has become extreme. We spoke with the communal police, but without success. That apartment in which Z.N. lives is military, has not been purchased and belongs to the Ministry of Defense. Considering that and the whole situation with the garbage, we were told that there are some special procedures. In the coming days, we will contact the competent ministry to see how we can solve this situation, which has become unbearable," Mickovic told the media.

The bathroom, like the other rooms in Z.N.'s home, was almost fully covered with trash. The bathtub was filled with it, and it was obvious that it had not been used for bathing for a long time, while the toilet bowl could not even be seen behind the garbage, so it was also unusable.

Neighbors claim that Z.N. urinated into bottles which he then kept on the balcony and spilled from there, which created big problems for people on the floors below.


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