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Cheeses from Zvijezd are true delicacy: There are more plant species than people in this village

With the migration of locals to big cities, the village remained almost deserted - only true lovers of this part of Serbia remained

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365 dana kroz Srbiju, Zvijezd sirevi

Photo: Ivan Strahinic

The village of Zvijezd is located in the municipality of Prijepolje, at an altitude of 1,000 meters, bordered by mountain ranges, near the border between Serbia and Montenegro.

Although nature is especially generous towards this area, many people did not recognize that. In search of an easier life, most families moved to the cities.

Today, about a hundred people live in Zvijezd, but that is why in this village and its surroundings boast more than 150 species of plants, many of which are medicinal.

What Zvijezd is known for all over Serbia are incredible goat cheeses, made according to an ancient recipe and often enriched with St. John's wort, mint, and thyme. Goats enjoy grazing from March to December, when they eat these medicinal herbs, so their milk is of exceptional quality.

Those who have tried the cheeses from Zvijezd say that the winds from Durmitor, Bjelasica, Zlatibor and Zlatar mountains can be felt in their taste.

When the first snows fall, life stops in this village near Prijepolje, awaiting the spring to shine in full splendor again for the small number of residents and casual visitors.

Photo: Ivan Strahinic

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