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"I see great hatred towards Novak among people in Australia": Former Red Star player reacts again


He stressed that he has been there for seven years and has not encountered such problems

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Photo: MN Press

Former Red Star footballer Milos Ninkovic has been playing in Australia for years, so as a man who has spent a lot of time there, he decided to talk about the whole situation once again. Ninkovic claims that hatred towards Novak can be seen in the eyes of the fans.

Ninkovic has already spoken out once, when he asked the authorities how come Djokovic broke the law, while Rafael Nadal did not.

Now, Ninkovic told domestic media that he is disappointed with the development of the situation.

"I've seen great hatred among people in Australia towards Novak Djokovic, I have been here for seven years and I never had a problem," said Ninkovic, and continued.

"I'm disappointed and I cannot believe the reactions of a part of the public. Politics has long been involved in sports, I received citizenship and I thought that human rights were guaranteed in this country.

Obviously I was wrong. I think that in general, nobody deserves the treatment that Djokovic has received since landing in Australia," Ninkovic concluded.

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